Ever wondered why you have trouble finding Japanese agents, recruiting students from Japan or forming partnerships with schools to boost your overall Japanese student numbers?
 Japan, while in some ways a very advanced nation, probably does not know the answer either because for the most part they have been quite passive in internationalizing their programs and campuses for the last half a century or so. This is because Japanese institutions did not really need to do anything because they always had a steady influx of local students to keep their schools running. Now though, with the aging population coupled with an extremely low birthrate, a number of schools are starting to realize the fact that they cannot keep sticking their heads in the sand when it comes to the internationalizing their campuses.
 We here at J-Conference have carefully selected and teamed up these schools -along with a number of trustworthy student recruitment agents from all over the world and a handful of service providers- to bring Japan the one and only event where schools can truly start to internationalize without having to even leave the country.
 For the previous two years this event was only open to Japanese schools, this year however we are opening it up to schools from all over the world and inviting you to Tokyo to not only inspire Japanese schools, but also to connect you and your institutions to the Japanese market.

Benefits for foreign institutions:

  1. Connect with highs schools, language institutes and universities that are serious about internationalization
  2. Meet with agents – both Japanese and from all over the world
  3. Further expand your network in the region by meeting with professionals in the industry

Special Optional Tour for Foreign Institutions participating in J-Conference:

J-Conference Plus is the ONE and ONLY chance to meet qualified Educational Agents from around the world together with Japanese educational Institutions. AND an opportunity to visit Japanese high schools.

FURTHERMORE, meet Japanese high school students, college students, and adults eager to study abroad at the Sendai Study Abroad Fair.

Following J-Conference, JAPIE will organize a Direct Student Fair in Sendai, where you will meet high school teachers and students directly.

Nov 15th:Free time in the morning
Take shinkansen (bullet train) to Sendai in the afternoon.
Stay at a hotel in Sendai
Nov 16th:Free day
Stay at a hotel in Sendai
Nov 17th:Visit to 2 high schools in Sendai
Give short presentation to teachers, students and their parents.
Late afternoon, trip to Matsushima.
Stay at Matsushima Onsen (hot springs) hotel.
Nov 18th:Student Fair in Sendai (Sendai International Center Hall)
Approximately 300 people are expected to attend.

The most cost-effective way to recruit in Asia.

Do not miss your chance to get your foot in the door in this newly emerging industry and form lasting relationships in Tokyo this November!