Is Your Institution Recruitment READY?

 J-Conference is the only event in Japan where Japanese schools can meet directly with qualified agents from a number of countries at the one venue. We urge you to make use of this useful and effective recruiting method that is already an industry standard in many countries around the world.

Why J-Conference?

 J-Conference is your chance to and connect meet with high-quality agents from around the world who have not only completed our own training program, but have also met the strict standards of world-class governing bodies like ICEF, the British Council and AIRC etc.

  • J-Conference provides you with the opportunity for your institution to connect to overseas universities.
  • This gives your institution the chance to increase its brand name in the global education market, while at the same time giving you access to the latest market trends.
  • By connecting with even a few agents from a single country or region, you are able to reduce the overall time and money needed to effectively recruit students from that area.

Before your Meetings

 At our pre-conference seminars, you and your institution can gain insights into the current state of the international recruiting market as well as other relevant information in regard to working with agents. You can also access all of the participants'profiles and details online approx. 1 month prior to conference starting through our online scheduling system to ensure that you lock in all your appointments on time. You will also have the chance to become a sponsor and market towards your desired target market.

During your Meetings

 Each institution will have their own fixed table that they can present at, and decorate, as desired. All appointments and scheduling can be done prior to the actual conference using our online scheduling system. Institutions can participate in pre-conference training sessions and seminars in order to gain a greater understanding of the market as well as useful information pertaining to using
, and managing, agents.
The reception party, together with the short breaks and lunch time sessions, allow you and your school to further expand upon your networking opportunities.

After the Conference

 At our after-conference seminars you can learn more about maintaining your contact with agents as well as important topics like how to write up contracts etc.