JAPAN NEEDS YOU! And it needs you now!

 For the last 15 or so years the number of young people has been steadily declining and while the Japanese government, along with the Ministry of Education, realized this predicament, reality had not really set in until fairly recently. In fact, 2018 marks the first year that the majority of national universities will run at a loss simply because they cannot hit their quotas recruiting local students alone.
 Some public, and private, institutions preempted this crisis and have already begun internationalizing their campuses by offering some courses/ subjects in English, in many ways though they are still in the infant stages of this process.
 The biggest hurdle for most schools is that they do not know how to effectively international recruit students, nor do they have any sort of networks in countries that they want students from and this is where YOU come into the picture.
 J-Conference is the only event of its kind in Japan where you connect with institutions who are serious about international student recruitment. Do not miss your chance to get your foot in the door in this newly emerging industry and form lasting relationships in Tokyo this November!

Agent Training Pre-Conference Seminars:

J-Conference offers online pre-conference training seminars, where agents can attend seminars from their home country and still gain information on how to effectively recruit students to Japan.

Seminar Topics:

  • 1. Japanese Education System and University Admission System
  • 2. Tips on Working with Japanese universities (Business Customs)
  • 3. J-Conference Agent Certification

Dates and Time of the Seminar would be announced in July.