J-Conference is an event that aims to increase the total number of fulltime international students studying in Japan by providing an arena where Japanese institutions can meet directly with qualified overseas recruitment agencies. It is the only event of its kind within Japan that allows agents and schools to meet with one another directly on a one-to-one basis.

J-Conference (JAPIE) also runs seminars about a variety of topics like; managing and controlling agents, deciding commission amounts and how to draw up contracts etc. while bringing you accurate information about the people that work in the industry of international recruitment agencies; still a relatively unknown industry in Japan

As the competition to acquire international students rapidly increases worldwide, we strive to increase Japan's presence in the market, strengthen ties with countries that typically haven't sent students to Japan in the past, sell the high level of education here in Japan, and at the same time push Japan as a national brand in the international market while promoting world class events that are perfect for schools trying to infiltrate the market.