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 JAPIE, a non-profit educational consulting organization, was established in 2015 to develop and promote standards of ethical practice pertaining to international student recruitment in Japanese educational institutions. It offers its services to a number of well-known language schools, high schools, technical colleges and universities throughout Japan.
 Japan is currently facing a massive dilemma as a result of an aging population mixed with a low birth-rate and many schools will not be able to stay in business in the coming years if they do not bring in international students to help balance out their numbers. The Japanese government foresaw this crisis in the mid 2000s, set a 300,000 international student target for 2020 and are now providing schools with additional budgets to help them achieve this goal. The problem with this lofty plan is that they never got to tell the schools how to effectively recruit international students.
 JAPIE offers consulting services to schools in Japan in a number of areas, but with a focus on the issues surrounding international student recruitment. Our main push is through a B2B agent workshop called 'J-Conference' held annually in November. At present, we are the ONLY organization in Japan introducing qualified agents to Japanese institutions and providing both the schools and agents with ongoing training on how to work effectively work with one another.
 JAPIE develops best practices and training to assist international student recruitment agencies and Japanese institutions to better serve students seeking admission to Japanese educational institutions. Collaborations with several reknowned organizations around the world, enable JAPIE to provide institutions with information and knowledge on strategy development and practical tools in regard to agent management.

High Education Level:

Boasting one of the highest levels of education in the world along with a serious learning atmosphere that diligent Japanese students create, Japanese institutions provide international students with the best academic environment in various popular fields such as; technology, business, fashion design, (digital) design and animation etc.

Low Tuition Costs:

Unlike many Western countries where tuition fees rise according to the level and prestige of a school, tuition in Japan is quite low. Even in top ranking schools, mostly public or national, tuition can be 1/3 or in private schools, 1/2 of that of US, British and Australian universities.

Job Opportunities:

Japanese schools allow their students to work part-time while keeping their student visa status. Furthermore, with the current population decrease, Japanese companies are eager to hire international students when -or sometimes even before- they graduate.

Functional and Reliable Public Transportation:

Japan's economic and social foundation is based on a full-functioning public transportation system meaning that students can rely on public transportation to move around. Traveling around in Japan is easy, even without a car.

Safe and Clean Country:

Japan is politically, socially and economically, a very stable nation. This makes Japan one of the safest and cleanest countries in the world. Students can focus on their studies and at the same time, enjoy a healthy, convenient and fun student life here in Japan.

VENUE: The International House of Japan, Inc.
5-11-16 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032 Japan
Date: Friday 22nd 13:00 ~ 18:00
10:00 ~ 13:00
FAM Tour for Agents
Saturday 23rd 08:30 ~ 18:00 Workshop

※There might be change in schedule.